From BruCON 2011

Last minute announcements for BruCON 2011:

In order of appearance :-)

  • The podcaster meetup is cancelled, they'll have to do a big after-con gig!
  • BruCON streaming is now live on
  • For people parked in the parking: you can get out 24/7 (if gate is closed, push the red button)
  • Register your RFID Badge at
  • Wall of sheep: (only inside the venue)
  • GW MAC address changed on the BruCON Network page
  • THF is open! Check them out in the lounge (seperate WiFi)
  • DJ workshop in Lounge
  • Beer workshop outside in small tent (behind the big one)
  • Print the bar code to get access to the campus and the parking near the venue, details are on Travel
  • Registrations start at 9h00 on Monday!