From BruCON 2011

The Hex Factor team will join BruCON in 2011 for the third year in a row. Our mission is to create an environment where people are introduced to the world of hacking in all its different aspects, and where experienced professionals can improve their current skill set. We do not select the most elite hacker(s) and we do not only focus on these people. Instead our challenges are broad and meant to be fun for everyone. We do not discriminate between male or female, black or white, young or old and n00b or no n00b.

Similar to the previous years, the challenges consist of the following categories:

  • Once upon a time (level 100 and 200): The history and culture of hacking. Who do you know and which attacks have been performed in the past?
  • Pwned (level 100, 200 and 300): Penetration testing where you need brains. Ok, you can find vulnerabilities ... but can you actually exploit them?
  • Binary Fu (level 100, 200 and 300): Reverse Engineering to the max.
  • Pure leetness (level 100, 200 and 300): Do you have what it takes to become a successful researcher? Do you like brain-teasers and crunching on numbers? This is the level where the chaotic hacker will beat the structured pentester ...

However, unlike the previous years, we want back to our lair and came up with a super secret 'Once upon a time' level 300 challenge. Made you curious?

Here are some teasers that will get you warmed-up for September 19th:

  • Teaser #1
    Study the hashing and find the password exe file (this file is save to download).
  • Teaser #2
    The first steps on the surface of the moon - we all remember the image! Even though the video was recorded in 1969, it is until recently that scientists discovered that there is a special message to be found in the video of this famous event. Can you find it? This video will really BLOW your mind!

Just as last year we will again be present at BruCON from the start until the end. We encourage everyone to participate and the winners will be announced on the last day.

More information can be found on our homepage and for the latest developments/solutions of last year, see our blog or follow us on Twitter.


Here is an overview of the awesome prizes you can win!

1st Prize:
- One 'Penetration Testing Training with BackTrack' - training (worth $750), by Offensive Security
- 3x exclusive THF t-shirts

2nd Prize:
- 4x €50 gift vouchers for Amazon
- 3x less exclusive THF t-shirts ;-)

3th Prize:
- 3x €50 gift vouchers for Amazon
- 3x THF t-shirts

4th Prize:
- 2x €50 gift vouchers for Amazon
- 2x THF t-shirts

5th Prize:
- 1x €50 gift voucher for Amazon
- 1x THF t-shirt

6th - 10th Prize:
- 1x THF t-shirt

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